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Cosmic flux

What a friggin' stressful couple of days!! Glad the cube walls at work are padded; I could have hurt something when I banged my head against them today. Felt better, though. Nasty day at work, with someone getting canned who I had discreetly tried to help from getting in trouble once or twice. Ironically, I don't think she knew that, and apparently today somebody had enough of her. Sucks, I feel bad for her in a way, but she had to know it was coming...

Not the day I would have picked to start my journal on, but might as well. Nothing that the leftover wine from Alisha's Bastille Day Party and hippie chris' bday won't cure! Had stocked up on some good wine last month, and glad to have a special occasion to try it out. The food was phenomenal, as it always is at Alisha's dinner parties. Tons of wine, although I keep forgetting to write down all the good wines h.c. has been my guinea pig for, we only remember that gawd-awful JP Tinto wine from last month...

Totally ready for the weekend to start, but too many options. I wouldn't mind dressing up in a golf skirt and going to see Caddyshack at the Paramount tomorrow, and then there's Jillster's Cancerian party on Saturday, and Sunday is a special screening at the Alamo for "My Name is Buttons". Of course, there are tons of new movies to see. The gals want to go out Saturday, probably for a pint or two, and dancing (which sucks in Austin). Hmmm, what to do, what to do....
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