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Blah. blah. blah

Dating sucks.

Yeah, we all know it. But some days it sucks more than others. Maybe it's just in a flux.

Yes, I did have two guys ask me out this weekend, but not that right ones! I feel perfectly comfortable saying that. I don't find it appealing when a phone call starts out with, "I got so sh*tfaced last night". Of course, this was preempted by the fact that I observed him passing out pharmaceuticals to people at the Old Settlers Festival, and remarking that he wasn't quite sure what they were, possibly Xanax dusted with speed. That's just a bit out of my realm. Recreational use of prescription drugs is something that has never appealed to me.

The other guy? I just don't know, he rants and raves about how attractive I am. However flattering that is, I find it disturbing. He does not know me in the least- most of the phone calls consist of him talking about his GTO muscle car, or how loud his 'racially different' neighbors get. I detect thinly veiled racism there. We have never even been on a date, just happened to meet at Polyester's, which should have been a warning in itself.

On Sunday afternoon while enjoying Hilary, Amberjack Rice, and Ernie C. Ernst's "Songwriters in the Round" set at the Ginger Man, I met a personable, attractive Irishman. Steven made conversation with me on several occasions, and there seemed to be some interest. He bought me a beer, and complimented Sydney, who was enjoying the music with her mom and I. For whatever reason, my confidence was non-existent, so I just couldn't bring myself to offer my phone number. Would that have been a bad idea anyway? Arrgh.

Never mind me, I think I am just being a hormonal wench.

What's that anecdote?
There was a king who searched the world over for the perfect woman, until he found her.

She refused him- because she was looking for her perfect man...


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May. 11th, 2004 12:16 am (UTC)
Standard Disclaimer
What the heck.. I know I'm the most tenuous of acquaintences, only having seen you at a few parties. But I'd ask you out, if I thought I had a chance. Chalk me up on that list.

Personally, I think you should have been a bit bolder with your new friend. As it stands, unless he works at Gingerman you may not see him again, so you wouldn't have lost much by asking.

Ok, I go back into hiding now.
May. 11th, 2004 02:54 am (UTC)
Keep talking babe. I need to read this everytime I think I'm not satisfied with my current relationship.

Dating SUCKS. :::shuddering in horror:::


(Hi! Is this a Sex and The City Episode? *grin*)
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