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In case someone was wondering....

dopplertx can be ever so vocal at times. Especially after a couple of Sierra Nevadas.

Just ask _fool about the car ride home from BBs last night. ;)
Hope someone logged that late night IRC chat session...what a hoot!

*rubs sore spot of head from hitting the table*

I swear, I realized I only drank ONE beer at BBs keep the twenty, Deci. Sure I'll owe you soon enough

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yeah. Yes, explanation...

When the servers go down, I can't work. However, T-1000 connection still works. Hence ability to post multiple entries. And now? 15 minute break in morning and afternoon. And a half-hour lunch break. Very rarely step out of the office for a good eight hours. Need to change that, and get back to the copse. From my new window cube, I can hear the bagpiper hidden in the woods play at lunchtime. In two and a half years here, I've never seen him. Don't want to either- it adds to la mystere.

Satisfied, dopplertx? How's your head feeling, mofo?
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