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What's that expression?

"Be careful what you get good at, because people will want you to do it more"?
I sure seem to do a lot of volunteering without my knowledge. First the Public Drinking Water Task Force (fancy name for our holiday event organizers), and now this:

Apparently the powers-that-be are so impressed with my Trade Fair arrangements, I've been "volunteered" to be the liason to EPA for National Webcast Trainings on arsenic and radionuclides. That's right, I'm coordinating webcasts...where do I plug this thing in? :)

Found out I also get to decide which of the sixteen TCEQ regions will receive a connection, since only five have been assigned for Texas. Heh, who's been naughty and who's been nice? I told this to Alicia, and she replied:

mwaaa ha ha - Overlord of Webcast!

Which reminds me:
Alicia still wants to meet dopplertx since I talk about him a lot, and she enjoyed meeting decibel45 and paradox at Chuy's.

Mmmm, Chuy's...
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