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caused by the wide grin on a friend's face, after he caught me after a winded chase!

We were high in some landscape, near the cloud forest, having travelled there by bus (much like the bus ride I took on the Central American Hwy in Costa Rica years ago). At one of the stops, my friend, Sophia, was making tortillas (naan?) in a clay pit in the ground, and feeding them to the passengers.
A fellow traveler began singing a Love Syndicate tune, (let's see if I remember which one today- I did! Name that Tune), and before I could say, "Hey, I know the guy who wrote that song!", there was Josh (#2, from Philly), on the bus! Everyone was happy to see him, and he sat next to me and gave me hug after hug.

We finally reached our destination. A mountain ridge, high plateau - Andes? Himalayas? No snow, no cold, but desolate.
There were building blocks the size of cars stacked in all types of configurations, reminiscent of a Salvador Dali painting.

Suddenly the stark landscape became an immense children's playground, surrounded by woods. Josh, Lenny, and I started chasing each other, and when Josh caught me, he had the most satisfied grin on his face, I laughed so hard I was rolling on the ground.....that's when I woke up!



Jul. 23rd, 2003 08:46 pm (UTC)
Re: Telluride
No, I'm going to be uncle for the (counting fingers once, counting fingers again, this time using chisenbob) thirteen and fourteenth times. I was my father's seventh, my mother's third, both of their last.

It's a big deal that Chris is having a kid though. On his father's side, we're breeding like rabbits, but he has a different mother from me, Mary Jo Henderson. Mary Jo had only one son. Her mother only had two children, and one of them is sterile. Her parents only had one child. So, for four generations back, Chris was looking like the last chance for the Hendersons, and he and Sally were ready to stop trying.

So, it's a cause for celebration, even if my own bloodline barely notices the increase.