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caused by the wide grin on a friend's face, after he caught me after a winded chase!

We were high in some landscape, near the cloud forest, having travelled there by bus (much like the bus ride I took on the Central American Hwy in Costa Rica years ago). At one of the stops, my friend, Sophia, was making tortillas (naan?) in a clay pit in the ground, and feeding them to the passengers.
A fellow traveler began singing a Love Syndicate tune, (let's see if I remember which one today- I did! Name that Tune), and before I could say, "Hey, I know the guy who wrote that song!", there was Josh (#2, from Philly), on the bus! Everyone was happy to see him, and he sat next to me and gave me hug after hug.

We finally reached our destination. A mountain ridge, high plateau - Andes? Himalayas? No snow, no cold, but desolate.
There were building blocks the size of cars stacked in all types of configurations, reminiscent of a Salvador Dali painting.

Suddenly the stark landscape became an immense children's playground, surrounded by woods. Josh, Lenny, and I started chasing each other, and when Josh caught me, he had the most satisfied grin on his face, I laughed so hard I was rolling on the ground.....that's when I woke up!



Jul. 22nd, 2003 05:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Interpretation
Well done, and quite fitting! Thanks, 'cause you helped me realize another thing...
I thought that Josh K. was only in my dream because last night I related a story that involved him to some mutual friends. Another gal once said to me, "he's so gorgeous, don't you just want to throw him down and f@#k him?". To which I immediately responded, "NO!", because my friendship with him meant more than that. I have too respect for both him and myself to objectify him. Beauty that radiates from within is far more precious.

J.K. and I have had a couple of deep discussions, and I have to give him some credit for helping to guide me towards being more content with myself. Ultimately, though, only I can find the answers, but it helps to have tutors! His best advice: "Be DECISIVE, and look people in the eyes!"

So I am on my way to see Love Syndicate play at the Saxon 'cause they are in town, but I called and told Josh about the dream - he laughed, too!