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All Quiet on the Texas Front

Not really...just been so busy living life, not enough time in the day to journal. Still lurking about and reading lj friends posts though. My day is brightened by hobbitblue's milkman story, lollijean's sassiness, drfardook's photos capturing moments on the sidewalks of New York, and tsarina's party escapades.

I was quite surprised to seepopejoan's face pop up on the Girlstart page the other day. One of the girls in our afterschool program went to the site to download the webpage we are working on. popejoan is featured in "Check Her Out" this month, where the girls can learn about career women. I was proud to tell the girls that I knew this woman.

Busy, busy at work. Finally got a new work cube, with a window and much larger. So much nicer, and everyone says its much homier than my old rat hole. Yeah!

Had a great weekend, with new friends and new experiences...Saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 on Friday, which was excellent, and my first visit to the Hyde Park Theatre last night to see "Screwed into the Book of Love". Pretty good, and free sushi, beer and wine made it a even more pleasant experience. Another new thing- loquat salsa, very tasty. Habaneros will be haunting me tomorrow, though.


Apr. 26th, 2004 02:11 pm (UTC)
Cool! Yay! I was really honored they put me on their website.