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SXSW Highlights Day Four

Nuclear Tacos rocked!!
Check out one of our victims.

Started out the morning with only five hours of sleep, trying to rustle up decibel45 and paradox0220. Rode the boys to make our 4pm ETA at Brush Creek Park. Didn't really get the show on the road until 1pm, when we met at Sam's for the major food shopping. From there we made it over to Capitol Beverage to pick up kegs of St. Arnold's Lawnmower beer, a Kolsch-style which was perfect for the warm day it became! Deci suggested we split up, so while he hit Austin Homebrew Supply, Paradox and I hit the restaurant supply. It's a Toys R Us for grownups who have worked in the service industry, or just like to cook!

We managed to meet up in time to pick up cooking equipment loaned by the wonderful Dahill brothers of Hill Country Outdoors, even with a sidetrip home for a misplaced phone. Which, by the way, was in the car the whole time, but on vibrate!

Pulled in front of the park at 4pm on the dot, and gev and ghewgill were there to help unload and setup. Various other members of the Cowhaus Posse showed up, to help with the many tasks we had at hand. We started right on time, and it seems the overwhelming response was that we were crazy!

Everyone had a great time, and the band was excellent! Can't wait for next year.

Afterwards, we went to linearb 's Live Journal Party at The Elysium, and I ran into a couple of friends. Nice mellow conversation, but danced to some industrial 80's for a bit. Then on to the major CF at the Parish. Invites only- didn't think it would be much of a problem. However, SOMEBODY left me with five Cowhaus friends to get in without invites- dopplertx thought we were right behind him, but the door got shut due to capacity issues. Luckily, it was held by our major sponsor, American Spirits, and the top dog, Eric, saw me outside waiting. Since I did a lot of 'handholding' with him last year, he had no problem escorting us in. What goes around, comes around!

It was jampacked, and the Resentments were awesome! Saw a lot of familiar faces, but I hung out in the sound booth with Chris as much as possible. Somehow managed to leave early enough to get in bed by 2am- that won't be happening the rest of the week.
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