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J'avais un rêve

I had a dream this weekend, and I have been waiting for the rest of the pieces to be revealed. There was no color in my dream, saturating and distracting. Rather, black and white clarity - I was part of an immense and old tintype photograph.

I was standing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and there was water lapping at my feet. It had been raining for days, and the river Seine was flooding its banks. I felt the need to leave Paris, but couldn't get to the Metro, let alone the airport. I now remember trying to ask people the easiest and quickest way to the CDG, but no one could give me a straight answer. Canals separated the streets as if I was in Venice, canals I've never seen other than with my mind's eye.

La Tour Eiffel

Still waiting for the rest.....
Tags: dreams

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