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Muy Consada

SXSW Highlights Day Three

Hanging out with my Pong buddies at the ASCAP party at Stubbs'
Taking the volunteers over to The Blackballed party for a 'breather'.
Kevin Smith's hilarious Q & A after the Jersey Girl premiere, especially all the Jen and Ben jokes'

And the highlight of the evening- HELLBOY
Sat up in the balcony with a big crew of SXSW volunteers and staff. Ron Perlman was excellent.
Meeting Mr. Perlman after the show, as he patiently signed autographs and posed for pictures, in a leisurely pace.
Walking back to the Hilton with one of my best friends, Sunshine, and hearing about the movies she had seen.

Tomorrow (today?) Nuclear Taco Party, and Patrick arrives from New Jersey finally!