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SXSW 2004 Highlights

Hit the ground running, too much to say. In brief:

Day One
Hooking up the karaoke dj who will be handling our volunteer party once again. By now I'm guaranteed quite a few slots! Nothing like belting out the tunes in Emo's of all places. Fresh tats for all!
Film Opening Party-
Dancing with Danu and the other gals as Boris spun his tunes (I'll be helping him out Sunday night possibly!)
Somehow recognizing benisnotfunny from lj, and having enough wine to divulge the story of the cuntceptual art show. Didn't get a chance to tell him about the origin.

Day Two
Louis specifically introducing me to "Jonathan, Jonathan Demme".
My immediate response- "Nice to meet you, I'm a fan of yours". To which he replied, "I'm a fan of yours as well!".
This from the man without which I may never have known of Spalding Gray and his work.

Never realizing as I addressed John Stamos and his group that the subdued blond woman attached at his hip was his wife, Rebecca.

Worked with a great group of volunteers, and last minute help from friends- dbaker, nugget, equiraptor, and tycoonjack

I really like the story that ginger931 posted about her experiences. See you around, sweetie!

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