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There is justice in this world-

I watched a grown man almost cry the other night. Poor J-ro was trying to buy two tickets to for the Darkness Show at La Zona Rosa on April 13th. Tickets had probably sold out in under an hour. Come to find out from a mutual acquaintance that a local scalper sends folks out to all Albertson's locations, buys the maximum, and then he sells them on Ebay.

J-ro was in a bidding war, and the tension was high during the SXSW Theater Managers Meeting/Oscar Party as he checked on his bid. Up and up it went as the minutes ticked down, to $140. J-ro was almost in there, until he was beat out at the last minute by $2.50. He was crestfallen, and a somber silence fell over the living room.

I just checked Ebay, and currently ticket average is about $75 at the moment. John did win another auction later that night, $100 for two tickets.

This morning on the way to work I heard Trina from 101X announce that the show had been moved to Stubb's. Ticket sales would be resumed at noon today.

I now hold in my hand a confirmation receipt for 4 tickets to the Darkness.

Total price? 77.50

Extra tickets sold out in 20 minutes, glad I bought some when I did!
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