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Year of the Monkey

Hilary held her eighth annual Chinese New Year party last night, and since it is now the Year of the Hil, I mean, Monkey, it was quite festive! Oliver made some wonderfully fresh spring rolls, with homemade peanut sauce for dipping. There were tons of vegetarian dumplings, Chinese noodle salad, wasabi peas, and other tasty snacks. I brought some edamame, but we never managed get them in the steamer. Oh, and of course, two five pound bags of fortune cookies.

Most of the ladies wore red, and there was red wine a plenty, Tsingtao, and a pony keg donated by Frank from St. Arnold's. I finally opened the claret I bought at Becker Vineyards- the American oak is a bit much at first, but after awhile, it smoothed out.

It was great to see a lot of old faces from both Les Amis and the Ginger Man, and new friends as well. Can't believe I've known Hilary and Chris for almost fifteen yearrs now.

Everyone had a great time, some folks a little too much. Good luck and happy new year! Am I allowed to wash my hair now?
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