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An Open Letter

Dear Single Male from the Online Dating Service,
The women held a discussion, and would like to impart this advice about the photos you posted online:

  1. Severed or "floating" body parts in your pic are disturbing, and we wonder what's attached.
  2. "Lounging" on the couch says "couch potato".
  3. If every pic includes an alcoholic beverage, we start to wonder...
  4. Hard to tell who you are in group shots, if you don't post one just of yourself.
  5. Keep your clothes on, please. Leave some things to the imagination, buff or not!
  6. Posing with your dog is great, but posing with your new truck or expensive sportscar? We don't get it.
  7. Upload recent photos of yourself. If you don’t, dates will definitely notice a difference when you meet.

The ladies will appreciate it, and promise not to post their outdated Glamour Shots photos!

The Viking Women



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Jan. 20th, 2004 04:10 am (UTC)
Nothing says beauty like the bleary-eyed haze of a fuzzy glamour shots photo.

Soft focus == beautiful!
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