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Jan. 15th, 2004

As I listen to the rain falling outside, cleansing the sidewalks and streets, the tears fall down my face.
Trying to wash away the anger and the pain.

As I prepare to find the strength and courage, to support those friends and strangers who share the loss. To face the man who can never possibly comprehend the profound and devastating effects his irresponsible actions had on this community, almost one year ago.

It has already begun - the phone calls and emails, wanting to know when the trial will be held, and what can be done. At the same time, making good on the promises to contact those on the fringes or out of the loop.

When do the tears stop?

Maybe they never do.



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Jan. 16th, 2004 06:39 am (UTC)
They never stop
We're fast approaching the 2nd anniversary of my husband's death. That along with my sister-in-law's 2nd anniversary in September and my best friend's little sister Marci's 1 year anniversary in May. 2002 and 2003 were filled with many losses and none of them have gotten any easier to comprehend.

The only solace I have to offer is that the memories become sweeter as every day goes by, at least for me. There are still days that my entire body is laid low with grief, but it passes quicker than it used to.

I did not know Joel personally, but have many friends who were friends with him. My thoughts are with you girl. Take care and call me if you want to just unload sometime.
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