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Passion that could become an obsession?

I've been holding off until I got my pics back to post, but can't take it anymore-

I had a fantastic weekend!! I used the gift certificate decibel45 gave me for Christmas for a tandem jump at Skydive San Marcos on Saturday. It was an incredible experience.

I was quite frightened when I was in the plane. As my tandem master and I gave the three count before jumping, it almost became four, back into the plane. Once I jumped, it was fantastic. The sensation of freefalling was incredible, and having a videographer along gave me someone both to orient and lessen my tension. Once we deployed the chute, it was a whole different type of experience, but still just as incredible. My sister, Jen, and Deci were both on the ground when I landed, because the winds were too high for them to jump. CJ drove me out there, so she was lending moral support as well.

After some tasty Veuve Clicquot and homebrew to celebrate, I somehow allowed myself to be convinced to jump again on Sunday! Decibel, Jen, and I headed out early afternoon despite the gray sky and clouds in Austin. Despite that, the weather was fabulous by the time we made it to the Drop Zone. I was able to get a discount on my jumps, so I decided to do two tandems, even though I was only planning on jumping once (Deci had other plans in mind the whole time, I'm sure. Pusher!)

Christian, my tandem master, did such a great job on the first jump, I wanted to get right back up in the sky. He had a wonderful way of breaking it down to the smallest components, then have me use visualization techniques and repetition to reaffirm the muscle memory. He speaks quite calmly, which had a wonderful soothing effect on my nerves. Instead of being frightened, I was excited.

There is a cheesy poster in the suitup room of Taz jumping out of a plane, but I found the saying on it quite empowering:

"Courage is absolute trust in your own abilities, only fear can keep you grounded".

I guess I never knew what a true adrenalin high was; I never felt my heart racing or pounding, or hyperventilating. However, I felt the effects of the downside- very peaceful, blissfulness, after the initial excitement wore off. Also made very little alcohol affect me quickly.

The staff at Skydive San Marcos is wonderful, from the owners to the gal who handles manifesting, and all of the jumpmasters. I also owe a lot to Jen and Decibel. My sister has 23 jumps at SMM, and had taken me out to the DZ for a Labor Day party, so I felt comfortable. However, it was my good friend, Deci, who really set the 'snowball' in motion. Just hope he can put up with my excitement about skydiving now.

So now when my alarm goes off, I think it's time to head out to the Drop Zone, and my dreams have been filled with flying through the sky. Lovely and peaceful. I find myself looking to the sky more often.

I don't know how I'll get any work done once I move to a window cube. CJ wants to go next month, and I've been teaching her the basics. There is a desk with no legs in our little COG meeting room, and we use it for jump practices...
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