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Whirlwind Weekend

Where did the weekend go?

Stayed in Friday night like a good girl, watched TV and snuggled up with the kitties and some hot cocoa.

Saturday I had a casual business meeting and lunch for EEANT. Quite a few projects for the spring.
Later my sister and I went to the Wheatsville Arts Fest, and then shopping on the Drag.
That evening I met decibel45 and ivo at the Dog and Duck for some pub grub and pints. Hilary and Shannon were the lovely bartendresses of the evening. decibel45 was still on an adrenalin high from his ground school first non-tandem jump experience at Skydive San Marcos. It was quite a relaxing evening, and we didn't make it to That1Guy and Drums and Tuba at the Continental Club (sorry, dopplertx). Unfortunately for ivo, I introduced him to a decadent bar experience - the bartop trivia/video machine! Kept us in the pub much later than we needed to be.

Today I received a fantastic and sorely needed massage from Chris. She must have worked on me for a good 90 minutes, and was able to unleash some of the stress, tension, and physical damage I've wrought upon my body for the past few months. Definitely need a few more sessions!

I met up with Hilary at Wheatsville Coop, for some food shopping and to listen to a friend's new band, then yummy fish and shrimp tacos at Chango's. I didn't think I was going to have the energy to make it to Lovejoy's for the Annual Blue Santa Toy Drive and Old Vixen tapping, but luckily I got a nap in before Decibel made it back from another skydiving fix in San Marcos. None of the other Cowhouse Posse made it, but we ran into a bunch of my college friends from WAY back...

I would reckon this was the biggest toy haul Lovey's ever had, which included two bicycles this year!! The Old Vixen, a Lovejoys's holiday tradition, is a barley wine (limited availability) aged in an old Jack Daniel barrel. It was good, but at 13% alcohol/vol, I sipped on my one free glass and called it quits after that. So off to Clay Pit for the first time to enjoy their contemporary Indian food....excellent!

Time for bed, and haven't finished my chores. Sheesh, is it possible to train cats to do housework?
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