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Bad Times, Good Times

One of those days at work where I can't sense that I accomplished much, with all of the long phone calls and other issues coming up. However, all the little things do add up, even if they don't seem as tangible...The workload is getting incredibly heavy, and will only get worse in January. I had a reliable temp helping me, but the level of detail needed in the letters I send out is overwhelming for him, especially with lab results and a minimum of a dozen CCs to coordinate.

We are down two team members, and two are relatively new. The early retirement package offered to state employees back in September dealt us a heavy blow, in both staff and institutional knowledge - some of those guys had been in the water industry for 20+ years.

At one point this afternoon, a man was ranting to me on the phone about some of the new requirements, and said that he was taking the matter to the state. I had to resist the urge to say, "Uh, you already have". However, when he told me he would take some of folks out of his fields to come up to do some of our work, I said, "I would love, love, LOVE that!". I finally told him that I would have my team leader call him, because her signature was on the letter sent to thousands of systems informing them of the new requirements.

She managed to talk him down some, the way she can. We're following through with federal requirements, so what is there to do? She graciously provided him with the EPA National Headquarter Contact phone number....

And for the good news -
Today was my two year anniversary working for the state. Although I didn't have a clue what I was getting into when I walked into the interview, I am happy to be where I am!
I also found out that I misunderstood my career ladder requirements, and I am eligible for a another promotion and raise - I thought I had to wait another year for the next level! Woohoo!

So instead of coming home to do the dishes and laundry, I went to BB Rover's with the Cowhouse Posse to eat dinner and drink beer. Also taught a few of the boys how to play Uno. I only won the first round - after that, they got out a six pack of whup-ass on me....
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