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Long weekend and Lovin' It!

Had a great time at Alysha's on Thanksgiving. Tons of food (including vegetarian options!!), beer, and wine, and less than thirty yards from my apartment, woohoo! I was accompanied by bovineone, moonwick, ghewgill, and ivo, and after some delicious food we were firmly rooted in the living room. Too darn cold and windy outside.

Someone I used to date was there, since he works at Central Market now. He was fairly civil, but at one point he expected me to say something nasty about him to one of his coworkers when she asked if I knew any nicknames or rumours about him. I was not about to bring that kind of karma on myself, despite the memory of crying on my birthday from cruel words he had spoken. Of Josh and Mikey threatening to kick his ass in Lovejoy's...

It was much easier to relax once Hippie Chris arrived. We haven't seen each other in a couple of months, we both have such busy lives with different interests. Turns out to be a really good thing, because he walked in with two of his friends from Burning Man, Rodney and Rebecca! Rodney was a wonderful friend and study buddy of mine throughout college, and Rebecca and I had several classes together. I hadn't seen much of Rodney since he returned from Quito, Ecuador, last year. The rest of the evening was spent cuddled on the couch with the three of them and a nice glass of red wine. I think I finally called it a night about 2am, but quite a few folks were still celebrating.

Oh yeah, then there was the bellydancing early in the evening....
"Smash the grapes, smash the grapes. Close the car door, close the car door"! I just might take lessons again, that was fun, although a little embarrassing with so many friends there!

Did a little shopping on Friday, and had lunch with my mom and sister at Elsi's (go figure!).

Had to take a friend to the emergency room to get checked out. Apparently he tore a muscle on the inside of his chest wall, and it hurt to breathe. Glad it wasn't worse, he could have given himself a hernia from lifting that TV.

Today's mostly been relaxing and preparing for stickcow's Belated Thanksgiving Gathering this evening. Time to check the pumpkin pie!
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