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Hill Country Outdoors

If you see an event on the HCO site you want to attend, let me know and I will try to get you in as a guest. I don't get a kickback- it's just a lot of fun with folks who like the outdoors. Although some would say we are a drinking club with an outdoor problem, we really do a lot of cool things. The tubing trip to New Braunfels last week was a blast, and we are going to Big Bend again in November. There's a Happy Hour at Manuel's this week, if anyone's interested.

What I like best is the organization and the planning- nothing sucks like planning a camping trip and having folks bail at the last minute! As an event leader, I lead some events like hikes at Bright Leaf Natural Area (which is closed to the public), wine tasting tour through the Hill Country, and beer tasting events at the Ginger Man.