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"That's How Rumours Get Started!"

Random quotes from Big Bend trip:

"What happens in Big Bend, stays in Big Bend" - After I caught someone smoking cigarettes, which his girlfriend *strongly* disapproves of Identity withheld

"I want a big piece of meat, quit holding out"- Suzanne to Danny for sparingly distributing the highly sought after beef jerky from Castroville meat market.

"I almost slipped into your butt!" - Brian to Suzanne on the Window trail

"Bri-an, I thought you were going to come in here and scrub my back" - Snax to Brian in the lodge hotel room, knowing full well Dallas Dan was around the corner in the room.

Brian- "Snax ran out of water on the Window hike, so I had to fill her up."
Susan- "What! You felt her up?!"
Brian- "Price you gotta pay!"

"I don't care for her smarminess" - the other Susan, about Alice Knight, the songstress at La Kiva.

"We make Unix servers bigger than Swiss mountain dogs" - quote from Jeremy's t-shirt