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my booty was trapped in djibouti!!!


patience is waiting for a bus for an hour. when it arrives you just shrug
your shoulders and say oh its late but at least its here.

patience in africa;

waiting for your transport for for 5 DAYS and everyday the locals tell you
that you can leave tommorrow.
my booty was trapped in a one camel town.

first got stuck in djibouti town for 3 days. its extremely expensive for
african standards and hot, damn hot. waiting on a boat to get me to the next
town. finally i catch a boat delivering qat(chat) which is legal and widely
used and excepted in this part of the world. it is however illegal in the
states, probably becuase they cant figure out how to tax it yet. it is a
plant that you chew, leaves and twigs and all. it has the same effect that
the coca plants in south america have. anyway on a boat for 3 hours. a small
fishing boat in the huge red sea waves. survived with minor injuries. got to
the next town obock. once on shore i was immediately ushered over to the
police station. after many repeated questions repeated and said again in a
repeated fashion they filled out a form and sent me on my way. i figure i
was just checking in. so at this point its almost night. so i figure that
there is no way i am getting to the border. so met up with a guy from the
boat and we sat down on the docks and ate with the same police that sent me
to the station. all free. he invited me to stay with him and his friends
until i got transport the next day. nice.

5 days later i finally got a truck. so for all those days i stayed at this
families house sleeping on the floor. they fed me 3 meals a day(some amazing
fresh fish from the red sea) and let me sleep in their house. not accepting
anything in return for it. so i just kinda.......hung out and waited. went
swimming in the warm red sea and walked around the desert. the family did
not speak any english only arabic and french and lets face it my french is
still yet blossomed. then the ray of hope: a truck going to the border.
caught it just in time. the only people that go this way are the Afar
Nomads. it was a pick-up truck or yute filled to the brim. i mean it it even
had a cage in the back that extended to the roof of the cab. full of
clothes, furniture, and what ever else could fit. so me and 5 other
guys(later a goat) are on top hanging on for dear life. cruizing through the
desert at midnight with a full moon. made it to the border only to get
trapped again. the next truck going was not leaving until the morning. so as
i started to get my sleeping bag out to sleep on the ground the people from
the truck pulled me along with them to someones hut. twig/scrap hut and dirt
floor in the middle of nowhere. good sleep though. loaded the truck up and
headed into eritrea. it was amazing on one side is the red sea filled with
its beauty and aquatic life and on the other side.....nothing. desert. its
was great to see all that nothing. for a little while. the only things out
there were a few dead tanks and a random dude on a camel. where is he going
i dont know and i dont think he does either. finally pulled into assab,
eritrea about 7 hours later. only to get stuck again for three days. could
not get a bus going north. so hung out at this hotel room for only about $1
a night. oh by the way. my guitar and my mini disc/walkman is in london. so
the only real entertainment is cards. lots and lots and lots and lots of
cards. the bad thing is is i only know about 3 games that can be played
solo. i finished my last book weeks ago and cant find another in english,
spanish, heck at this point i'll try one in french.

there is nothing much to see in assab. except destroyed buildings. houses
with bullet holes and walls missing where a rocket launcher nailed it.
eritrea is africas newest country. only about 10 years old. it seceded from
eithiopa but only after years of war. but its calmed down now. caught the
bus at 4:30 am and i did not know how long its going to be all i know is its
going to get time to asmara....2 days later i arrived in asmara. man is my
butt sore from that bus. we stayed one night in a village at a hotel if you
want to call it that. its was really just a yard with about 50 cots spread
around. so slept underneath the stars for about 70 cents.

asmara is great no more sweating for this kid. i am in the highlands again.
cool climate and cooler at night. perfect days everyday. its a proper city
with cafes and i might even go see a movie later for about 40 cents. even
though i saw it on video 4 years ago. hey its on the big sceen baby!!!! i go
get my egyptian visa after i send this and depending on the american express
people in cairo i will leave tomorrow or at the end of the week. going to
hopefully catch a boat to cairo from massawa on the coast. oh by the way i
am only 1 1/2 months off of my original plan. i was supposed to meet a
friend in turkey. man do i suck or what.


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