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Power of Suggestion

What's the deal? Wasn't it mitya0000 who was asking how to remember dreams in the morning?

Since then, I've woken most mornings with vivid recollection of my dreams. This morning was a doozy.

Quite a lot of detail, i'll have to journal later. This excerpt was the most interesting:

I'm standing in the living room, barely dressed and holding the remote. My ex-boyfriend who I lived with for awhile and moved to Austin with ten years ago is there. I look at the remote in my hand, and make the conscious decision to give it to him. Nothing I want to see on TV is not really that important at that moment.

"Here", I say, "I think Monday Night Football is about to start". We start to kiss, and as he begins to get aroused, I stop and get up. Much to his chagrin.

With a smile, I say, "I'm going to go read, come find me during halftime!"

What does this mean? I was a football widow, and I would give him a hard time about his obsession with watching every televised football game. Sometimes he would surf between two games, and it was confusing. It affected our ability to do anything spontaneous on the weekends.
I think it has made me realize not to just compromise, but maybe put someone else's desires before mine?
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