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Biology Girls Gone Wild

Anybody know the story behind Ranch Film Studios?
I took my three closest (sorry Hil, but have fun in Spain!!) girlfriends (all biologists) to a party there last night, and had a great time. Of course, all the guys were complaining that it was a total "sausage fest". Not surprising, since a posting went out on Friendster through AustinParties.

Safety in numbers, though...Everyone was cool and nice, except for one BOZO who intentionally touched my breast, and informed me that he would followup if I would like! I had to explain that the two reasons I didn't backhand him was:
ONE: I am not normally a confrontational person, and
TWO: I am lefthanded and I was holding my beer in that hand - he was lucky he didn't wind up wearing it!

He just couldn't seem to understand how inappropriate it was- even his buddies were raggin' on him about it! We managed to avoid him for the remainder of the evening, although I heard he later got into it with the rappers while they were performing. How hard can it be to have a good time without offending others, Dude?

I feel much better now.....
It was a successful outing, everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. It was a change of pace for us all. Everyone behaved despite a couple of temptations.

Quote of the evening:
(from The Virgin Connie Swail, after I mentioned that she wasn't hanging around with the rest of us gals)
"I know how to mingle, 'cause I chat on the Internet!"


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Sep. 26th, 2005 06:50 pm (UTC)
The Question
Hey snax! Sounds like an "interesting" night. Notice my placement of "" :)) Anyway, after re-reading I still dont know the answer to the question. What is the story behind Ranch Film Studios? You are one crazy girl...I need to get out more! See ya! --sharpi
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