September 6th, 2005


Not such an irc newbie anymore....

snaxxy: you know you've been in irc too long if...

[01:24] pinkish: you hump your keyboard?
[01:24] snaxx: 10) you can't understand why tab autocomplete doesn't work, and realize you are in your web browser
[01:25] pinkish: hee
[01:25] snaxxy: 9) you try to look up a name in your cell phonebook, and when you get to the F's for Fogel, you expect to see Fuel3
[01:25] pinkish: hehe
[01:26] michaelloftis: :D
[01:26] michaelloftis: snaxxy luffs me and my bot eheheh
[01:26] pinkish: 8) You wonder why highlighting doesn't automatically copy text and realize it's not IRC. Or is that just me?
[01:27] snaxxy: 7) you share story to the channel of a flame war you are observing,
and the fact you are about to kick some arse, and two admins ask "what nick? what channel?"
[01:27] snaxxy: even though you have told them several times you are in a BAR!
[01:27] michaellofti: hahahaha
[01:27] michaelloftis: :P
[01:27] snaxxy: heehee
[01:27] michaelloftis: flame war in a bar :P
[01:27] * michaelloftis swats
[01:27] * snaxxy ducks
[01:27] snaxxy: and it's a MISS!
[01:28] pinkish: 6) You post a chat log in your blog and instantly get 12 PMs asking
"do geek fights really turn you on?"
[01:28] snaxxy: SWING, batta batta
[01:28] pinkish: Which is true
[01:28] pinkish: cuz it happened
[01:28] * snaxxy falls off chair
[01:28] michaelloftis: pinkish: you seriously posted that?
[01:28] * snaxxy pees pants laughing
[01:31] snaxxy: 5) you know you've been iirc too long, if you don't play your itunes
because you won't hear the audio signal of a PM or flamewar in another channel.

[01:45] snaxxy: #1 should know you've been in iirc around mathx too long, if you decide to put the top ten list on the admin wiki!!
[01:45] pinkish: hehehe
[01:47] snaxxy: #4 you know you have been iirc too long if half of a men's rugby team with British muscles sit at your bartable, and you look away from channel just long enough to say hello...and go back iirc.
[01:48] pinkish: hee
[01:48] pinkish: mmm rugby players
[01:48] snaxxy: #3 you know...when you almost strangle your drunk best friend with your laptop powercord because he laughs a la Seymour style when you don't notice you picked a faulty outlet to plug your laptop into, so your laptop shuts down...and you cry out b/c you hadn't logged channels!
[02:05] snaxxy: #2 you know.....when you reference events or things by a URL, instead of it's name - ie, instead
of South by Southwest 2005

Capital Area Food Bank needs Help

If you can spare a few hours this evening or anytime this week, we need YOU!!

I am putting together a SWAT Team to help the Capital Area Food Bank at the offsite location on Brodie Ln and Mopac. If you are available from 6-9 pm, please reply here or to volunteeraustin at gee mail dot com, with which days you are available. Please send contact info (Full name and phone number) directly to my volunteeraustin gmail account, rather than post publicly here.

Volunteers will be taping flattened boxes and packing product for delivery to either local shelter or for airlift to Baton Rouge/NOLA.

You must be able to do moderate lifting. Dress comfortably- warehouse doesn't have A/C, so shorts and light shirt are fine. PLEASE wear comfortable tennis/closed toe shoes! Do not go to or call the Food Bank directly; we are at an offsite location. I am in constant contact with Director of Volunteer Services Celia Silberg.

Thank you,
Debbie Snax

ADMIN Help needed for CAFB

Due to the overwhelming needs and responses at the Capital Area Food Bank, extra help is needed to check voice mails, make copies, light office work. Experience with Word would be beneficial. Anytime you can assist between 9 and 5 this week would be appreciated. Please respond here with your availability and I'll get back to you. Even if it is just 4 hours, it would help!!

Please do not call the CAFB directly, because you won't be able to get through. I will provide volunteers with contact information upon confirmation.

Thanks again to everyone for their dedication to assisting in this time of need.