May 17th, 2004


Brew Fest

Still recuperating-
Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Texas Craft Brewers Festival, and I helped Amy and Rob Cartwright with volunteer coordination. We definitely could have used more volunteers this year, as noted by dopplertx in his lj. There were some logistics that will need to be ironed out for next year, but I thought it went fairly well, considering our limited resources and experience. The volunteers were wonderful, and we even had a few folks who volunteered mid-event. We hope to have a volunteer appreciation party/happy hour sometime soon!

Apparently doppler was pulled in to help about the time that I was leading the Women's Beer Tasting. We had about twenty women actively participating in that event. At first, they were fairly quiet, but after a couple of tasting rounds, they began feeling 'relaxed' enough to give feedback. Great discussion about beers, and hopefully we helped to introduce and educate some gals about beer styles. Hopefully, they will join Austin Women's Beer League.

The four volunteers who were supposed to take over the Real Ale and Live Oak beer pouring were LATE, due to Rebecca going a couple of rounds in the O' Henry Pun Off. The day beer pourers were getting quite grumpy about not being relieved, but I think the late arrivals got their come-uppance. They got their butts slammed all night, and while six other brewpubs and breweries ran out of beer, their booths were going strong until the end. They didn't seem to mind, because I am sure they were enjoying quite a bit of product as well. This was evident by Rebecca and Adrienne at one point chanting my name, and yelling, "SHE ROCKS!" every twenty seconds.

decibel45 and I had entered three of our beers into various categories of the 1st Annual Homebrew Inquisition, and our Bovinian Bock won third place in the Open Category. Not bad for our first homebrew competition- there were 148 entries for the entire contest.

I was quite tipsy by the end of the evening, and sore from head to toe. Decided to hang out downtown until my buzz wore down, so headed over to the Ginger Man, on to Lovejoy's, and wrapped up the evening with a healthy dose of Pong at Room 710. Then home to a nice, long soak in a hot bath, with two inquisitive cats perched on the edge.
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