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Weekend's too short!

Didn't get much accomplished around the house this weekend, but had a great time!

Reed's Halloween party was a lot of fun, although I couldn't bring myself to eat the brain mold, even if it was only pudding.

Coffee at Pacha (yeah!) with moonwick , then over to the North Loop Block Party.
That night, watched Hilary put on a great performance at the Ginger Man's Octoberfest, and Love Syndicate followed. Hil and I hung out with KJ and Amberjack Rice, and the decibel45 and dopplertx showed up. Lots of fun, and beer, and we went to the Dog and Duck for the extra hour of drinking.

Went to lunch at Elsi's with Lauren, Hilary, her brother, John, her husband, Oliver, and his brother Tino. It was packed, but the owners were apologetic for us having to wait!
I got to see some kittens that are up for adoption, and they were a lot of fun.

Ended the weekend hanging out with decibel45 at BB Rover's, chatting and taking a world tour of beers....

At least I got some work done this morning while waiting for the cable technician, work that provide me an extra paycheck next week from the part-time biz.....it's a living! Just in time for my camping trip to Big Bend, yahoo!
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