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I've got a full plate, and I'm going back for seconds!

Seems like only yesterday - *yes, it was!* that I was telling my (parttime) business partner I was spreading myself thin. Involved in so much at times, it can be overwhelming. Don't know what to deal with first, so I am left frozen in my tracks. It's not so much my regular job, although I am currently coordinating THREE programs, one too many considering the workload......

It is time to really prioritize my "extracurricular activities", and decide which committments to fulfill, and which need to be ended.

I have not been fully committed to Texas Master Naturalists for some time now, but I've been pulled back into the Curriculum committee for the spring class. Hard enough to make it to the monthly General meeting and the bimonthly board meeting. I accepted as the Insects Day Curriculum Coordinator under the condition I would NOT have to be present for all the meetings. Oh, and of course I am STILL Advanced Training Coordinator, but no longer a committee of one...

I have several things to do for the next Texas Environmental Education Partnership Steering Committee meeting, which is looming up in the not so distant future.

Have not led or participated in events for Hill Country Outdoors in a couple of months. A few too many personality conflicts had arisen recently, and I almost backed out of the Big Bend trip next month that I've had my heart set on for awhile. Luckily, Steve and I talked through the issues, and I am going....

Started a new program at Zavala Elementary this week for Nature Scientists, and classroom management was minimal at best. Maybe it's the weather, because we had the same problem at last week's Girlstart Web Divas club meeting.

So I have been thinking about all of this, and lo! and behold! I went to my first Wheatsville Coop Membership Meeting tonight. By the end of the meeting, I was being asked if I had extra time on my hands. For once I said, No, I am spread too thin...

Three hours of more personal discussion and several beers later, I had been drafted to help start a volunteer opportunities committee, although it's a thinly masked excuse to promote me as a Volunteer Coordinator.

How does this happen? How does she manage all this, you may ask? Trust me-
I don't do my laundry until it gets critical.

It's all about keeping all the balls in the air.

Wish me luck!

Oh, and I am still forming an Austin Area Women's Beer League, very soon. Yes, i sleep....

Although I think stickcow is on the right track. Getting laid might relieve some of the stress....

yeah, right!
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