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Happy Birthday, Josh!

We love and miss you here in the States.

well today is the international day of celebration.............

i am in nairobi, kenya

today woke up late. did some laundry by hand. got my passport back from the ethiopian embassy where i got my overprice visa. mailed a package of stuff home. payed way to much. exchanged money. ate a whole pizza by myself.
emailed twice. attempted to make a phone call. hopeless, its africa.

tonight. i will have dinner with the 2 swiss and 1 dutch staying in my hotel. have a few beers. try not to get mugged.
tomorrow i leave early in the morning on a 4 day hell bus journey(w/ chickens of course) to go to addis ababa ethiopia. then up to djibouti. yes lets learn how to say this country. GEE- BOOTY. its a real country i am not
making this stuff up but its fun to say is it not. owell i guess you have to have the mentality of a child for it to be funny. anyways then off to eritrea (yes that is a reall country aslo) then on a boat to egypt to see the
pryamid thingies and rope some camels.

before i got to kenya i spent even more glorious(insert sarcastic tone) das in dar es salaam tanzania. before that hung out in the serengeti, ngorongoro crater and a few other parks. they were amazing saw even more critters. and
was overly impressed with the massive amounts of pink flamingoes in the lake in ngorongoro crater. and just cause i liked the flamingoes that does not make me any less of a man. i mean it.

things are going well i hope your doing just fine. i will be doing good seeing as i will not go to sudan after all. they wont let me in. something about america blowing them up. also. is there anyone that the american
government has not made mad. they really need to stop it. for one its costing me alot in visas while other nationalities get free or cheap visas. either its ethiopia trying to get $70 fpr a visa or turkey wanting $100. good thing these coountries are cheap to travel in. i will just squeeze by somalia. they want to shoot me. alot.

take care

and i promise if i see that sally struthers idiot i will slap her around for the good of the world!!!!!


october 14

international day of celebration......
....thats right, my birthday damn it!!!!
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