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Sometimes we need the Dragon, sometimes the Alligator

Thanks to CJ for the following “blogworthy” topic she addressed today during a COG meeting:

When it comes to alligators and komodo dragons, the komodo dragon is the more loving of the two. I was watching a nature program about reptiles earlier, and when it comes to "making love"...

Alligators and komodo dragons have roughly similar techniques, both approach their prospective mate from the back, wrapping their bodies around the female. Alligators (and let's just say crocodiles as well) bite down hard on the female's neck to subdue her, reproduction is quite active and often violent...

While the komodo dragon, the Barry White of reptiles, gently strokes the back of the female with a clawed hand or with it's chin to prime the female for acceptance. I watched the komodo dragon's technique and said to myself, "Oh yeah, mama likes"...

The dragon might have had more success if it had used the alligator approach, however, because the female...for whatever reason, decided she wasn't in the mood...and casually strolled away...leaving the poor komodo dragon shrugging his shoulders and muttering to himself, "I'll never understand women".
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