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Natural Therapy

Feeling a bit drained after the end of a hectic but productive work week.

The boys have kept me up late the last two nights on IRC, often deliberately. (yeah, dopplertx, I’m talking about YOU!)

I find it funny and mildly flattering that the topic for the last three days is a comment I made. I am really enjoying meeting a new crowd of people, and hopefully making new friends!

So I made myself get out of my cubicle, and take a walk in the woods which are less than 200 ft from our building. I could not get away from the highway noise, but was able to get out of sight of the building.

For a brief moment, I wished Cassie or CJ could be there with me, because we always have COG meetings together at break time. I realized alarmingly, that it had been a couple of months since I’d been out on a trail, and even longer since I’d done that by myself.

I followed a trail of driftwood, not left by the currents of the sea, but by the currents of the wind from the microburst I wrote about last month. I entered a tiny meadow, nestled in the woods. A large juniper tree was laid out, its roots exposed to the elements. I sat on the trunk, and although it was overcast, there were several blue damselflies flitting about. I could hear the water sprinkler sounds made by grasshoppers camouflaged in the tall grass.

As I walked back, I noticed some golden groundsel, and against my naturalist ethics, decided to pick some of the flowers to brighten up my cubicle. A small but colorful brushfooted butterfly was drinking nectar from one of the blooms, and I realized that I could not bring myself to reduce the food source for some other insects.

My memories of the brief experience will suffice to brighten the rest of my workday!
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