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Snausages and Bad Influences

Had a great time this weekend with the Cowhouse gang. Saturday night was a fun Wurstfest celebration. decibel45 made some kickass homemade hot German potato salad, accompanied by sausages, sauerkraut, and homebrew.

Small friggin' lj world. We went to stickcow's house to put the kids to bed and continue hanging out. I walked in to the house, and Lo! and behold!

There was the kitten I had found with ossuarian a month ago! He's a real cutie, and has grown into his ears and eyes quite a bit. Stayed up late there, talking about "stuff" (as moonwick calls it!). Wound up staying out even later chatting with dopplertx, who had to twist my arm to stay for a beer and a chat! He helped me get set up on IRC today, so now I will be in the know, woohoo!

decibel45 and ivo met me at BB's tonight, and I started my World Tour. The thunderstorm was awesome to witness from the patio, and ghewgill took some great pics and posted them on his website. Since a few of us missed seeing "Lost in Translation" tonight, decibel45, ivo, and I are going to try to catch it Monday night at the Village Alamo. We shall see....


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Oct. 6th, 2003 10:12 am (UTC)
it really is a small world, I noticed peeking at your friends list that you know the roommate of one of my ex's.

If you wanna come over and hang out, I'm planning on having a pj party friday night.

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