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Wine Recommendations

Stayed in tonight, which sometimes happens when there's too much to do. Managed to successfully avoid the Big Singles Party that seemed to be turning into a major event, despite some girlfriends best attempts. Nothing wrong about being more content sitting at home with a glass of good wine and a good book, instead of at a Meat Market, is there now?
So tonight I enjoyed a tasty Italian wine, 2001 Rosso degli Spezieri, from Tuscany (Faustino, translation per favore). Can't say it was better than the Clos du Bois Merlot 2000 I opened for hippie chris' birthday, although the Toscana was a little lighter and smoother.
Recommendations under $10-
La Noble Merlot 2001, Pays de L'Aude, at Wheatsville Coop
Merlot de Pennautier 2000, Pays d'Oc (Languedoc), Grapevine Market
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