Miss Adventure and Her Friends (snaxxx) wrote,
Miss Adventure and Her Friends

ADT Microblogging

  • 10:04 Freezing my toes off at Auditorium Shores, wondering where guys I'm to meet to discuss major event are. Passed out toiletries kit instead :) #
  • 11:10 @EP3 heh, no! to homeless folks, had load to deliver to Caritas and Community Partnership for Homeless, why not direct deliver? :) #
  • 11:14 @basicbrewing aha! Which beer of the day was it? I'm inspired to use vanilla bean and @PangaeaOrganica stash for 1st try at coffee beers! #
  • 19:56 @nbabyak I knew I liked you! I was singing Wii AC City Folk inspired "Aurora Borealis" to tune of Dead Kennedys "California Uberales" (sic?) #
  • 20:19 @michellegreer thanks for kudos! @nbabyak @Pistachio et. al Check out my @austintwestival water blog post at bit.ly/kcNG #
  • 20:51 @davedelaney you can DO it! Deadline for cities to join @twestival is January 31st #
  • 20:54 @QueenofSpain I'm sure @technosailor appreciates Elf over Troll any day of the week :P #
  • 20:56 @QueenofSpain someone close to you might, I think someone finally got around to contacting BlogHer about @SXSWi let me know if you need help #
  • 21:01 @elmundodemando as long as @michellegreer doesn't have someone else in mind, maybe you should volunteer as the Sumo referee @austintwestival #
  • 21:31 @michellegreer great minds think alike! What a treat - and see @nucleartacos post about co-hosting taco tweetup w/ @elmundodemando #
  • 21:33 RT @elmundodemando: twitpic.com/18y4m @snax @michellegreer Awesome! And I got my Mariachi Luchador MC/Referee outfit ... #
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