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A moment of remembrance

Amazing how time can pass, memories seem to fade, and then the tears still come. I started to cry today while giving blood at the Blood Drive Tweetup, as I thought of loved ones who were gone. I spoke with the phlebomotist, about how our donations today might benefit a stranger, or a friend. I told her how my financial advisor had suggested a few years ago to put my St. Jude's monthly donation on hold until I was in better financial situation. I politely refused to give that up. It was lolliejean who first blessed me a connection to someone who had benefited. The daughter of a bartender she spoke with one night over a cocktail.

It was Gabe who drove home the importance of giving what I can. It still pains me to think of how he bravely fought an illness he couldn't fully understand and wasn't able to overcome. His sister Gwen who wasn't even 3 yrs old at the time was a bright ray of sunshine in a sad time. Unbelievable that he never even had his first day in kindergarten.

Gwen said to me one night when I was babysitting her - "Gabe is still here, he is in our hearts". Not because her parents had told her that, but because even at 4 years of age it is what she firmly believes. Until it was explained by her daddy, she didn't quite understand that her new baby brother's crying and illness was not "Big Sick" like Gabe's illness.

I see his eyes in hers, and one of her bedtime rituals is to share memories of Gabe. It's touching to see her wearing his Spiderman pajamas. We talk and laugh about the fun times we shared with a sweet boy who may have spent a short time in our lives, but we'll remember.
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