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Naked Ladies and Beer Babes

Got caught up in watching a very interesting Nature presentation on snakes on PBS, so was late picking up Hilary for the Swap n' Bitch party. Okay though, 'cause a few other gals were late. I didn't have any major finds, but did score some great beer shirts! To be expected when the Ginger Man Gals are involved.
Let's see-
Fat Tire blck baby doll
Samuel Adams wt. b.d.
"You're not Worthy!" Arrogant Bastard Ale wht b.d.
Hoegaarden tank top, and a Ginger Man blue wife beater

Never thought I would pass on a Sierra Nevada t-shirt, but it was way too small. All but two of us at the party are size 7 or smaller, so I wasn't surprised that I couldn't fit into the younger gals clothes. Clothes flying left and right, modesty be damned!!

The more wine and beer we drank, the more open the discussion became. Suffice to say, there were some extremely revealing conversations regarding sex and women's issues, and about misogyny.

Bad and good news-
the G Man stopped the Women's Beer League tasting that were held once a month, due to lack of turnout and advertising. I didn't make it, because I was already involved in getting folks out to Eric Roach's monthly beer tastings on first Monday. Corinna had made the final decision, but she and the other gals want me to get it going again, as an independent organization.

I want to make it twofold, and in addition to bringing together women to expand their beer knowledge and palates, get some home brewing going! I think it would be great to have some females win some awards at next year's Dixie Cup.

Hilary has already promised to hold some tastings for us- after 13 years of working at Ginger Man(s), she has an extensive knowledge of beer, especially Belgian Ales. She has toured major breweries in Europe and the Netherlands, and I'm sure she could get Bobo from MBI to set us up with some good Belgian ales.

What I really would think would be fabulous would be if we could get some Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit from Dana at Interbrew. Has orange peel and coriander like the White, only more complex, with dark malts. I tried this once back in 1989, when Pierre Celis was visiting Texas because he was scouting out a place to open a brewery in the States.

Wish us luck!!
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