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Bad Decisions

Before I could download three months worth of holiday photos, my camera was stolen, along with a checkbook.

Tonight, right before midnight. Out of my car parked in the driveway at the Cowhaus. Luckily they missed my iPhone and IPod somehow, along with my passport and drivers license. I'd gone inside the house for a few minutes which became two hours of TV. I went out to load some empty boxes into my car. On my second trip I noticed my roommate's car door was open when it hadn't been two minutes before. I told him to come down and check to see if his car was okay.

I checked my car. Apparently my front seats had already been ransacked, and the person had moved on to the next unlocked vehicle. He didn't have his GPS stolen, and since I must have scared the perp off my roomie also found a knife on the seat that wasn't his! Cow had left his car unlocked, as he'd rather someone steal straight out than cut his Jeep's ragtop roof.

Good news is that the police arrived quickly, and got some really good prints off of my vehicle.

What a welcome - it was my first night moving stuff into the neighborhood. I know better than to leave my car unlocked ever again, or to leave my purse in the car even if I only think I'll be inside for just a minute.

For all you well-wishers who mean well and want to offer advice:

YES, I know to always lock my car doors.
YES, I know that I shouldn't have left my purse in the car.
YES, I emailed my bank's fraud department and will contact the credit reporting agencies to place an alert.
YES, I know I'm lucky and it could've been worse.
YES, I know that had I been there a minute earlier, the knife could've become a weapon.
YES, I know it was idiotic to be so trusting.

Officer J. Brandt kindly gave us plenty of advice about how to avoid this crime in the future.
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