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Sunny Sunday

I had a great time last night at dopplertx's birthday party. His new house is great- nice neighborhood, big backyard, good looking house. He had some really good homebrew flowing. I really enjoyed meeting his friends, especially decibel45, ghewgill, moonwick, and ivo_janssen. Quite refreshing to meet intelligent, funny entertaining guys who are also beer geeks and pepperheads! Restoring my faith, little by little.....

I am also intrigued about the gliding they've been doing. I had toyed with the idea of skydiving with my sister Morgan, but that is a bit cost prohibitive, as well as the fear factor. Apparently on Demo Day once a month you can pay a reasonable amount to go up in a glider. I just might do it...

Too beautiful of a day to be inside on the computer, but my schedule was thrown out of whack today. Crystal wanted to go to Elsie's for lunch, and then run an errand. By the time we finished, it was late to be leaving for my Texas Master Naturalists potluck at McKinney Falls, and too close to Sydney's naptime. So now I am watching her while she naps at my place, and Crystal went to Spin Cycle. At least she took some of my laundry as well.

Hopefully we will be able to hit the Pecan Street Festival around 4pm, then I am going to a Swap n' Bitch aka Naked Ladies party this evening. This time I need to get rid of more clothes than I bring back! The premise is that you take gently used clothing you no longer want and exchange for someone else's. Whatever is not claimed goes to the Battered Women's Shelter or Goodwill.


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Sep. 29th, 2003 04:34 pm (UTC)
You mentioned pepperheads?
You should come to Nuclear Taco Night this week. It's usually every other Wednesday night around 7:30pm. See http://nucleartacos.com/ [faq] [cowhouse] for directions. Maybe TJ would be willing to swing by and get you.
Sep. 29th, 2003 05:07 pm (UTC)
Re: You mentioned pepperheads?
Cool! here's a crosspost from my reply to you, sort of:

I checked out the website. Will there be mild for the newbies, or it solely nuclear level? Should I bring ice cream? And do ya'll typically watch a movie afterwards/during the carnage?
I was scheduled to go to the Austin Sushi Society, but the location switched, my date has chickened out- she doesn't like huge social gatherings- which is why I don't want to go. Almost 70 folks are signed up already, lot of pressure on the sushi chefs! I think I will try to get together a smaller group instead.
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