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A Heartfelt Thanks

I was surprised and touched to receive the following email after posting a comment on WanderingVet's blog. I'm sharing this response to provide a snapshot view of life for a homeless veteran

Dear Debbie:

I know we will never meet each other and we are a distance away, but I
wanted to tell you a story.

I had a very bad day today with the doctors at the VA and they told be
to find a shelter to stay in for 6 months today while they worked some
more on my head as I am a neurology patient. I have been doing odd
jobs to make a living while also awaiting my disability, federal job
applications and other applications to be either called upon etc.
Without something, I have been camping and living "rough" as you may
have read in the mountains and have no desire to live in an urban
setting with drug addicts and thieves in a mission or shelter.

So here I was in a large city I had never been in before coming from
the VA, rattled and upset, trying to get out of town in the dark, not
knowing where a shelter was, riding city buses, coming down with the
flu, and running low on funds. I get off the bus at the edge of town
completely lost feeling miserable and now very ill. The winds in
Albuquerque have now picked up to 35 miles an hour and I would never
be able to sleep outside in this tonight being sick as I am. So I ate
a small meal and looked at various places to stay as I have not been
indoors except a barn in almost two months. So I stubbornly went to
one of those econo inns where it is not so economic. After stowing my
gear I checked my site and there is your comment.

After a terrible week so far this being Wednesday, I was floored. I
have felt so down and not accomplishing anything. There was your
comment out of the blue. I do not know what to say except Thank You
Debbie. I do not know what I say at times. I do not know if I am right
or wrong. I am just one man seeing things from the lowest level, and
reporting it up the ladder.

Thank You Again For Your Words Today Meant So Much.



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Nov. 16th, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
When little things mean so much, eh? I can identify with this guy, having felt I was at rock bottom and completely alone in the universe myself; but never was I in the situation of not having a roof over my head. It's terrible, shocking and outrageous. I want a world and a life so very different from this.
Nov. 17th, 2007 01:48 am (UTC)
I smell a movie topic...

I always have to wonder when I see someone panhandling with a sign that says they're a vet. Are they? But it's depressing that our country can't get it's shit together and help those who've put their lives on the line for us.
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