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Girls Night Out

No, not like last Sunday's Birthday Blowout with Dianna and Kimmy!

Boys are fun, but girls are the bomb! I love my little girl. Linda doesn't mind me saying so - I've spent a lot of time caring for Sydney. Hard to believe Sydney is the same little baby I stayed up with all night to monitor her in a baby tanning bed (jaundice). I woke and fed and changed constantly while she stayed with me, from 6-9 wks of age when Linda had to be hospitalized.

Now she's growing up, and being so expressive! She'll be three years old at the end of November, and getting more verbal everyday. So funny, and personable, and smart! She knows that Mommy works at austinparksandpizza (have to say that fast!), and even recognizes the logo on things, as "where Mommy works!" Her latest song to sing is "Avocados are Good".

She can remember things easily, which can be frightening at times, I have to be careful what I say in front of her. I can tell when she is trying to get a rise out of me, by she says that bugs are ICKY! Her latest comeback, when I ask her to hurry up into her car seat, or up the stairs is, "Just give me a CHANCE!"

We ate dinner at home, and although she wanted a taco from Elsie's, she settled for deciding what we should eat at home. If she had her way she would get to cook and do the dishes herself. Later we went to Amy's for ice cream. One bite of my flavor, and she pulled the switcheroo......then off to the photo booth.

Now she's gone, and I wish my little love bug was still here to snuggle up with....
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