Miss Adventure and Her Friends (snaxxx) wrote,
Miss Adventure and Her Friends

Never enough to do

2:30 pm and a late start, what to do?

- Stop at Dollar Tree to buy poster board for signage
- Earn a few extra $$ helping Linda clean the cat house
- Elks Lodge around 4 pm, to help park cars on our back lot to earn money for the Sweetheart Fund
- MonkeyWrench before 7 pm to help at the door for the Blackstar Beer Social
- Fool's party at his house

What am I missing?
Elsi's for tacos, Cingular for my new Blackberry holster, the HJ Benefit at Flamingo Cantina. Office (tomorrow) to PDF and tag for accessibility another 160 Access reports - yes, ivo I would LOVE a macro to handle that, but it would take me just as long to figure out since I'm not that proficient!

And yes, it's official, I will be the Lodge Sweetheart for Austin's Elk Lodge. I can start depositing funds in the account next week, so folks are already donating money. The fund goes towards the Elk's Camp for children with special needs.
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