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Half-Ass A Thon

I'm not joking -
Tim and Harry came up with it at the end of another fun but long night of QT Fest. Since there will never be another November Butt Numb-a-thon at the original Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, it was decided to have one during closing week. And the name they came up with? Half Ass-a-thon!!

Too much fun, sad that sweetcheri couldn't stay. I got to talk to Quentin. A friend who is a car geek wanted to know more about the car I'd seen QT driving whenever he'd be in my neighborhood. Part of Grindhouse was filmed at the Omelettry, so I saw QT several times in a yellow and black Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500.

It turns out it was a rental, but he liked it driving it so much that he bought one when he got home! My friend will be glad to hear that, he's buying one soon.

I wouldn't mind this one myself.
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