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Advice needed

I know that enough of you have to deal with the loss of a friend or loved one due to cancer, so I'm asking you all for advice -

What do you get for someone who is dying? My coworker and friend, Judy, is "retiring" tomorrow - she's going on disability. She's decided to quit fighting the system, and making herself miserable over whether she'll get sick leave pool. She and her life partner came to the agreement that is she only has three months to live, why be miserable? She's not bedridden just yet, but the pain is constant and bad enough that she's maxed out on her Oxycontin dosage and takes another medication every two hours for the breakthrough pain.

I was thinking that a gift certificate to restaurants in the area, along with To Go menus would be good. And I just remembered that a friend works for Eat Out In, so perhaps he'd set me up with some GCs as well.

Other suggestions?
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