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What's my Name?

I've not gotten into the mashup frenzy, but came across this one while I was videogoogling for Peter gabriel. I love the range of music on this mashup. I mean really, the use of Mamas and Papas and the Who with Britney and Beyonce is wild.



Apr. 30th, 2007 12:38 am (UTC)
Gabriel is GOD
Thanks to that observation, you are forgiven for your anti-Texan tirade :P

Funny, 'cause I was talking about your view of Texas this afternoon. I was standing outside Ginny's Lil' Longhorn, surrounded by folks of all varieties - tattooed rockabilly boys and girls, Harley riders, local business owners, college kids, and your average Jo Schmoe. Listening to Dale Watson, drinking $1.50 Lone Stars, and waiting to hear whether my $2 investment would pay off if the chicken pooped on #25. I said, "This is what I love about living here".

My friend's response? "Austin is an oasis, not like the rest of the state - I wouldn't live anywhere else in Texas".

The chicken hit #11. I'm glad I helped some college coed pay her electric bill!