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Austin Reggae Festival

Highlights and happenings after two twelve hour days spent at the Annual Reggae Festival benefiting the Capital Area Food Bank:

- At least 17,000 people in attendance on Saturday, a record-setting day which means great news for the Capital Area Food Bank!
- Easy Star All-Stars and their version of "Karma Police" from their "Radiodread" album
- New EMS folks, who ran their butts all over Auditorium Shores, a big change from the previous provider. A lot of folks misjudge the overcast day not accounting for the heat and humidity, plus overindulgence.
- A couple of responsible vendors who helped a young man who had a grand mal seizure, rather than assume it was drug-related. I was freaked because I'd seen and spoken with him 30 minutes earlier. He was so altered even though he came out of it within 5 minutes - typically he's lasted 25, according to his mom who showed up later. We couldn't get enough information out of him for me to track down his friends and fiance before he was taken to the hospital, but his mom brought him back after he was discharged because he was worried about his friends. Turns out they'd driven in from Kerrville.
- meeting the guys from Jah Roots, who gave me a free CD since I gave them a free pack of American Spirits - I'm sure ya'll know where/why I have those!
- Jah Ray giving a shout out to all our wonderful volunteers. I was especially impressed by the Asian Health Professionals Organization who brought extra volunteers for the LAST shift on Sunday which is typically the flake shift.
- All the animals, especially the grey/green tabby, so well-behaved and nonchalant as he rode on his owner's shoulder, or paraded on his leash.
- Plenty of staff t-shirts for ALL the volunteers!

I'm sure there's more, but too tired after a long weekend and past bedtime.
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