Miss Adventure and Her Friends (snaxxx) wrote,
Miss Adventure and Her Friends

One more day

Last night as we relaxed at Amy and Greg's flat, we all stated what our favorite activity was -
By and large it was canyoning. The challenges, the patience and expertise of our guide made it surpass the rest by far.

Amy asked what was the SECOND favorite place to stay, since we all agreed Le Bons Bay Backpackers was the best! We even tried booking a night there this weekend so we could enjoy more gourmet dining. Most of us agreed that the Mountain Cottage was our second favorite, if only because we had the cottage to ourselves, almost seeming to be a "vacation from our vacation" - no vying for showers or toilets with other travellers.

Tonight is Saturday, and Pam Champagne, who is currently working in Sydney, is in town this weekend visiting Amy and Greg. So Amy, Pam and I hit the Lytleton Farmers Market this morning for fresh vegetables, cheeses, and Belgian hot chocolate. Most excellent, especially with the rain!
Next we went to the Arts Centre for the Art and Craft Market in Christchurch. A lot of last minute shopping for souvenirs and gifts for friends back home, tasty crepes for breakfast and one last flat white from the Backstage before wrapping up the afternoon.

Now it's time to pack, and relax with some NZ wine, mushroom pizza, and Fellowship of the Ring.

I might post once more before the flight, but if not, see you all at home soon!

Tags: cows, nz, travel
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