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Can I sleep in yet?

A couple more full days -
Yesterday we left the Birdsong Hostel and drove into Hokitika. Shopping for jade, at a great co-op, and then lunch at Cafe de Paris Brasserie.

On our way out, we checked out the "spooky" road that the guys had driven the night before - lots of creepy abandoned buildings, including an interesting sign "Beware of Elderly Residents". Would make a great setting/theme for a survivalist horror flick.

Heidi, Decibel, and I headed on up the West Coast, to the Pancake Rocks. We missed high tide which didn't really matter since the sea was a bit calm for blowholes to be impressive. I had an interesting Sir Robin moment, thanks to a couple of wekas.

We left the coast and headed inland to Arthur's Pass, gorgeous but a bit confining due to the narrowness of the pass. We all stayed in a 3 bedroom cottage, with a nice roasty fire. Good dinner thanks to Doppler, and then more wine and music.

Today was our last day on the road - we packed up and before leaving the pass we hiked up the Punchbowl Falls track and then the Bridal Veils Falls. Lunch in Springfield - no Simpsons there! - and then back to Christchurch.

Quick beers at Dux de Lux, and then dinner at the Joyful Chinese restaurant. Most businesses and restaurants are closed today since it is Good Friday, the closest it comes to Christmas closings in this country.

time to run, internet access limited!
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