Miss Adventure and Her Friends (snaxxx) wrote,
Miss Adventure and Her Friends

Coffee, music, books, and shoes!!

Visited the Pacific Northwest for the first time last week - loved it! Still trying to adjust, and my cat is driving me crazy, since she was without my attention/affection for five days.

Flight out was a little rough and a pain, will avoid flying on a 707 again! The guy next to me kept touching himself for the whole five hours. I didn't realize until 4 1/2 hrs into the flight that there were plenty of open seats I could have moved to! Luckily I brought "The DaVinci Code" with me, so I was able to sink into a good read.

Tiffany and Wade were wonderful hosts again. The guest room and bathroom was so well prepared, I felt like I was staying at a five star hotel! I ribbed Tiffany about the tiny Aveda products in the shower, and she 'fessed up that she had appropriated them from a BB they had stayed at for a weekend.

Tiffany is studying naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University, and was already highly knowledged in diet and nutrition. She made some awesome vegetarian meals all week, although Wade made some fish tacos and roasted salsa that ROCKED!

Tiffany and I spent the first day running around downtown Seattle, including Union Square and a trip to Elliot Bay Book Company. We actually visited Elliot Bay on three separate occasions during my stay
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