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Sunday, Sunday

We are staying in beautiful Wanaka, with a beautiful view of the lake. Accomodations aren't as luxurious as our past, but cheap and easy to tolerate since we aren't stuck inside due to rain. Clear skies, a little rain last night but just enough to feed the rivers.

I left a bra on the bra fence along the road here, pictures to come - I autographed it, and wrote: "Everything really IS BIGGER IN TEXAS!!

We are now in Queenstown, about to leave on a jetboat and whitewater rafting trip in half an hour. We split up for lunch so folks could eat what they wanted - Greg and Amy stopped for Thai, Deci, Heidi and I are at a lovely little cafe where Deci could FINALLY get his chai so he's happy, and Cow and Doppler hit the - *shudders* - McDonald's.

I am excited that we will be rafting down the Kawarau River, which was the scene for the Andouin in LOTR. Unfortunately Argonath was digitally added, so we won't see the Pillars of the Kings :P
Doppler, Amy, and Greg are rafting the more challenging Shotover River, while the rest of us are only jetboating the Shotover.

Time to run, less than 20 minutes to eat!
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