Miss Adventure and Her Friends (snaxxx) wrote,
Miss Adventure and Her Friends

New Zealand - I think it's Saturday here?

Lots of rain and sheep. And cheese, oh the cheese!We stopped in Barry's Bay at the Cheese Factory, and we bought over a dozen flavors. The Cows (aka Cowhaus Posse) are big fans of cheese. and fudge. and beer. and wine. - so we've bought tons to share.

Great beer and wine, particularly fond of the Mac's Black.

My legs/butt/body is still sore from yesterday, a full morning of hiking in Hooker's Valley, to see the receding glacier. Tripped and fell into the "Hooker Valley Attack Bush", which resembles a twisted/dagger yucca. Sharp, and since I put up my arms to land/protect my face I have over a dozen puncture wounds on my left arm and knee. Ouch! Ten minutes later I was horsing around by running up an ascent on the trail, until I slipped on the skree I'd been warning everyone else about - and fell face down, tearing my pants and leaving more bruises and scrapes on my body. With the rest of the Cows right behind me, who were nice enough not to laugh.

I recovered just enough for an afternoon hike that we thought would be short and sweet, but instead was short and VERTICAL! Up to see the Tasman Glacier view, but a good workout.

Unbelievable as it seems, I've been the first one up everyday, before the alarm whether it is at 7 or 8 am! Relaxing to cook breakfast, have coffee, ogle at the cute German traveller at the table next to...where was I? I haven't had a day that I slept in, and usually in bed by 10 pm.

It's 8 am, and the rest of the Cowhaus posse should be rolling out of bed, so I can go pack up my stuff before we hit the road to Wanaka. Amy raves about the fish and chips at a place there. Up next -

canyoneering and whitewater rafting along the Andouin River - I mean, Kawarau River - yes, there are LOTR geeks in our midst!

Did I mention the rain?
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